nonogram puzzles in elm
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For this project we want to program nonogram riddles in elm. The first runnable version can be found here. The tutorial is half-done, will be finished soon and then added to the runnable version. For now you have to use google, if you want to find out how to solve these puzzles. To finish this project we formulated 5 optional and 3 non-optional goals.

Non-optional goals:

  1. Writing a nonogram solver in elm
  2. Constructing an interactive surface for the game -> Done
  3. Creating a database with nonogram riddles -> Small Database with 5 riddles created

Optional goals:

  1. Programming a timer and a pause function
  2. Writing an interactive tutorial
  3. Colored numbers for the rows and columns where are still fields which can be solved
  4. Programming a help function which solves the next fields
  5. Mouse click combined with the mouse movement will fill more than one field in a row