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This Makefile should make it easy to translate gitmagic with gettext tools on Linux systems.
To use it, you have to install the po4a package.

To start, clone the gitmagic project.

Make the directory corresponding to your language tag and change into it.
	mkdir xx
	chdir xx

Create a symlink to this Makefile:
	ln -s ../po4gitmagic/Makefile Makefile

Now run make to create the pot folder and all the .po files in there.
	make gettext

Start translating with your prefered .po file editor (e.g. poedit, gtranslator).

You need to have 80% of a .po file translated, then you can run:
	make translate

This will create a translated .txt file in your language folder for each .po file that is more than 80% translated.

To proof your work change in the gitmagic root folder, run:
	make xx
where xx is the subdirectory name.

If something in the original .txt files changed, goto your language folder and run:
	make update

This will update your .po files and mark the changed items as 'fuzzy'. 

Check the .po files for changes, translate them and run again:
	make translate