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Make trello tasks from your codebase with //@task
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The Trello Task library


Using yarn:

$ yarn add @vobi-io/trello-task husky

Using npm:

$ npm i -S @vobi-io/trello-task husky

Usage :

// @task refactor function

Using keyword this package will create task on trello after you commit and push your changes

trello image

Extra Featueres:

// @task refactor function @due 11/29/2019

Using keyword @due with following date formate MM/DD/YYYY you can also set deadlines

trello image

Configuration :

Create file in your project root directory for example trello.js

// trello.js

const task = require('@vobi-io/trello-task')

const configuration = {
    key: \* Trello api key *\,
    token: \* Trello api token *\,
    lists: [
      { keyWord: '@task', idList: \* Id of list on trello you want your tasks to be created *\ },
      { keyWord: '@major', idList: \* Id of list on trello you want your tasks to be created *\ }

  lists in configuration will search for keyword you specify 
  and create task in specified list 


// you can choose any keyword you want

Inside your package.json add this configuration

// package.json

"husky": {
    "hooks": {
      "pre-push": "node trello.js" // name of file you configured

You are all done after you push your commits to git this package will look for keyword and create task for you on trello

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