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Free MT4 trade copier - Metatrader4 EA software to copy all trades from one to one or more Metatrader4 terminals written in MQL4 language (*.mq4)
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Free MT4 Trade Copier

Metatrader4 tool software to copy all trades from one MT4 terminal to one or more terminals - usually connected to other brokers. It uses pure MQL4 language for all the logic. The Windows core kernel32.dll library is used for reading from outside of experts\files directory on Windows. On Linux (running under Wine) it is not necessary, one could make a symbolic (or hard-) link to share one file under different directories.


The tool consists of two main components (MQL4 EA scripts) - TradeCopy Master and TradeCopy Slave.

  • TradeCopy Master - runs on any chart on an MT4 terminal we want to copy trades from. It writes all necessar info into a file as soon as any change happens (new trade, SL or TP change, close trade, etc.)
  • TradeCopy Slave - runs on any chart of MT4 terminals we want to copy trades to. It reads the status file regurarly and react accordingly as soon as any change occurs.

MT4 terminal with the TradeCopty Master as well as all terminals with TradeCopy Slave need to run on the same computer (or at least need to share one filesystem). The original idea came from user Николай published in Automated Trading and Strategy Testing article on


  • Copies Market Orders as well as Limit Orders and Stop Orders
  • StopLoss and/or TakeProfit are copied properly
  • Slaves can adjust Lot sizes - koeficient or fixed lot


Currently under development, first working copy tested. The sharing/accessing the same file (TradeCopy.csv) from master and all slaves must be provided on a system level (via link under Linux). Windows users need to wait until a new feature is implemented - read a file outside own subdirectory via kernel32.dll.


  • Use kernel32.dll on slaves to read from outside of own \experts\files directory
  • Handle properly partially closed trades
  • Maybe in the future: Copy trades over the network via 0MQ library ( - see the idea:


You might be interested in "auto pilot" trading at - just copy trades from the best performed traders into your trading platform and earn money

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