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Voctogui - The GUI frontend for Voctocore

Screenshot of voctogui in action

Keyboard Shortcuts

Composition Modes

  • F1 Fullscreen
  • F2 Picture in Picture
  • F3 Side-by-Side Equal
  • F4 Side-by-Side Preview

Select A-Source

  • 1 Source Nr. 1
  • 2 Source Nr. 2

Select B-Source

  • Ctrl+1 Source Nr. 1
  • Ctrl+2 Source Nr. 2

Set Fullscteen

  • Alt+1 Source Nr. 1
  • Alt+2 Source Nr. 2

Stream Blanking

  • F11 Set stream to Pause-Loop
  • F12 Set stream Live

Other options

  • t Cut

Select an Audio-Source

Click twice on the selection combobox, then select your source within 5 Seconds. (It will auto-lock again after 5 seconds.)


On startup the GUI reads the following configuration files:

  • <install-dir>/default-config.ini
  • <install-dir>/config.ini
  • /etc/voctomix/voctogui.ini
  • /etc/voctogui.ini
  • <homedir>/.voctogui.ini
  • <File specified on Command-Line via --ini-file>

From top to bottom the individual settings override previous settings. default-config.ini should not be edited, because a missing setting will result in a Python exception.

On startup the GUI fetches all configuration settings from the core and merges them into the GUI config.