Data structures

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Vote data structures

All in JSON format

Vote Package

Vote packages are created by the clients/voters and sent to the relay pool.

"type": "votePackage",
 "processID": b64String,
 "nullifier": hexString,
 "vote": hexString,
 "franchise": hexString
  • processID: string identifying the election/process
  • nullifier: hash(clientPrivateKey+ProcessID)
  • vote: pubkey encrypted serialized vote
  • franchise: serialized franchise proof

They are sent inside a Vote Envelope

Vote Envelope

 "type": "voteEnvelope",
 "timestamp": uint,
 "keyProof": hexString,
 "nonce": uint64,
 "package": hexString
  • unix_timestamp: UNIX time of the exact moment of sending packet
    • if timestamp < current_time, packet is discarted
    • if timestamp > current_time + relay_patience, packet is discarted
    • else packet is processed
  • keyProof: encrypted(8BytesTrunkedHash(package)) String of small size encrypted with relay pubKey, is used to let relays quickly know if the votePackage is for him. No padding.
  • nonce: Proof-of-Work nonce hashing the whole data structure should accomplish difficulty. if PoW does not accomplish target difficulty, packet is discarted
  • package: the Vote package as encrypted serialized Hexadecimal string

Vote Batches

Batches are sent by Relays once they registered a batch/set of votes to the BlockChain and make them available in the distributed filesystem.

Clients can identify when their vote has been registered once they find the nullifier inside a Batch packet.

 "type": "voteBatch",
 "nullifiers": [hexString1,hexString2,...],
 "url" : b64String, 
 "txid": hexString,
 "nonce": uint64,
 "signature": hexString
  • nullifiers: list of hexString nullifiers included in the batch
  • url: URL where to find the batch package data (such as ipfs-hash)
  • txid: Ethereum transaction ID
  • nonce: Proof-of-Work nonce
  • signature: Relay signature of concatenated nullifiers + url + txid
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