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@seebi seebi released this Jan 15, 2018 · 103 commits to develop since this release

[1.0.0] 2018-01-15


  • new instances of UserGroups: TaxiDrivers, Women, PersonsWithDisabledParkingPermit, CarsharingUsers, Families, Inhabitants
  • common plug types of charging stations
  • example OpenChargeMap dataset
  • electric vehicle
  • created, modified and term status for all mv: classes and properties


  • deprecate ParkingUsageType class and instances
  • deprecate parkingUsageType property
  • deprecate specific numberOfParkingSpaces properties
  • unify UserGroup properties to mv:validForUserGroup
  • unify Vehicle restriction properties to mv:validForVehicle
  • add working policy to
  • make ParkingFacility equivalent to ParkingFacility
  • move vehicles to index.ttl
  • move Capacity / RealTimeCapacity / capacity to core, attach to CivicStructure
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