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My configurations
Python Perl VimL Prolog Haskell Shell
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X xinitrc: improved script
bin backup my steam script as wine_steam
cower cower: add TargetDir
dircolors dircolor: add an entry for signatures
fontconfig add embeddedbitmap
git git: use msmtp for git-sendmail
gtk-2.0 update gtk setting
gtk-3.0 gtk-3.0: remove bookmarks file
haskell add haskeline
htop Better organized dotfiles repo.
icons Properly store the topbar since I almost lost it.
lxdm let it search path instead
makepkg makepkg: move PKGDEST to ~/.cache
mpd mpd: mpd.conf now understands ~
mutt Command to mark all messages as read
ncmpcpp update ncmpcpp colours
openbox add openbox for steam
pam add the right (dbus.service) DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS to .pam_environ…
ranger better for ranger
shell zsh: fix tree alias
systemd/user systemd: envoy now ships user services itself
termite termite: cleanup config
tmux Revert "set screen-256color only when appropriate"
user-dirs fix user-dirs
vim vim: update bundles
vimperator add imgur command
weechat bump weechat
xmonad xmonad: drop transparency on the scratchpad
.gitignore typeo in .gitignore
.gitmodules vim: add lightline Updated READMEs
deploy add openbox for steam

Vodik's Dotfiles

My comprehensive repository of configured software. After deployed, it should Just Work™ with both startx and lxdm.

Vim bundles are included through submodules. Make sure to:

git submodules init
git submodules update

Some details on the more highly customized programs:

X Xresource, xinitrc, and gtk settings
mutt Mutt to access gmail
ncmpcpp Music and media library management
pentadactyl Web browser settings
termite Terminal emulator of choice
tmux Terminal multiplexer config
vim My vim and gvim config and all the bundles I use.
weechat My weechat settings, theme, and plugins I use.
xmonad My window manager, see README
zsh My zsh config
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