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Vogella Gradle Plugins

This repository is used to provide custom Gradle plugins crafted by the vogella guys

Vogella AsciiDoctor Plugin

This Gradle Plugin makes use of the in order to create new tutorials on

Get the Plugin

The root build.gradle file can look like this:

buildscript {
	repositories {
		maven{ url '' }
	dependencies {
		classpath 'com.vogella.gradle:com.vogella.gradle.plugin.asciidoc:0.1.0'

subprojects {
	apply plugin: 'com.vogella.gradle.plugin'

Create a new tutorial

  1. Create a new project(a sub-directory) in the root directory

  2. Add the new project to the settings.gradle file (include '{newProjectName}')

  3. Open new project in terminal and run ../gradlew cT to run the createTemplate task

When using the createTemplate task a userName property can be specified in the ~/.gradle/ file, so that the copyright header directly contains the proper name.

How to build

In the root directory the following commands can be used to build different outputs.

// create HTML 5
./gradlew cH

// create PDF
./gradlew cP

// create EPub 3
./gradlew cE

// create All (HTML 5, PDF, EPub 3)
./gradlew cA

If these commands are run in the root directory all subprojects will be build.

Single subprojects can be build when navigating into a subproject and for example run ../gradlew cH
On Windows OS ./gradlew.bat must be used
See Gradle tutorial

How to deploy this plugin to Bintray

// upload this plugin to bintray
./gradlew bintrayUpload

To publish this plugin you need a Bintray account that is part of the Bintray organization vogellacompany.

For the upload a bintrayUser and a bintrayApiKey property has to be set in the file.

The file can usually be found in the user home’s .gradle folder and could look similar to this:

userName=Simon Scholz


As an alternative a BINTRAY_USER and a BINTRAY_API_KEY can be set as system property.

In order to test this plugin it can also be published to a local maven repository.

// deploy the plugin to a local maven repo
./gradlew publishToMavenLocal