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This plugin contains an Eclipse plug-in to use the spell checking engine LanguageTool in the Eclipse IDE. This repository started of as a fork of but as the original remote included the languagetools JARs it was recreated from scratch.


The plugin provide an extension for org.eclipse.ui.workbench.texteditor.spellingEngine to provide Eclipe wide grammar checking in the various editors.

Get it

Eclipse p2 Update Site

You can install it via the following repository (update site currently broken)

How to run

Onces the export is done the provided jar can be copied into the plugins/ folder of your Eclipse install

The (few) options can be access through the menu: WindowPreferencesGeneralEditorsText EditorsSpelling

Build it

Get the dependencies and build with Maven

You have to ensure that you have installed Maven 3 properly. See for further information.

Linux and Mac users can start the build via the shell script from the command line which downloads the most recent version of LanguageTools, extract the JARS and libs and copy them to the com.vogella.eclipse.languagetool.spellchecker plug-in.

You can also manually download the required libaries. Go to and download a recent ZIP file. Unzip it and move all JAR files into the cx.ath.remisoft.languagetool/libs folder. Zip the rest of the folder as languagetool-standalone.jar and also place it into the cx.ath.remisoft.languagetool/libs folder.

All dependencies are now declared in the project pom! That means that no more or any other download is required. Just cd into the project root and run mvn package to run a complete build.


mvn package