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(ns at.rocworks.oa4j.core
(:import (at.rocworks.oa4j.base JClient JManager IHotLink)))
; clojure style functions for oa4j
(defn hl [f] (reify IHotLink (hotlink [this hotlink] (f hotlink))))
(defn dpConnect [dps callback]
(let [f (JClient/dpConnect)]
(doall (map #(.add f (name %)) dps))
(.hotlink f (hl callback))
(.connect f)))
(defn dpSet
([kv] (let [f (JClient/dpSet)]
;(doall (map #(.add x (name (first %)) (last %)) kv))
(doall (map (fn [[k v]] (.add f (name k) v)) kv))
(.send f)))
([k v] (JClient/dpSet (name k) v)))
(defn dpGet [dps]
(if (or (set? dps) (sequential? dps))
(let [res (JClient/dpGet (map #(name %) dps))]
(map #(.getValueObject %) res))
(let [var (JClient/dpGet (name dps))]
(.getValueObject var))))
; callback function sums up all values and set the sum to a dp
(defn callback [xs]
(let [v (reduce #(+ %1 %2) (map #(.getValueObject %) xs))];
(dpSet :ExampleDP_Trend1. v)))
; manager instance
(def manager (new JManager))
; main
(defn -main [& args]
;(-> manager (.init (into-array args)) (.start))
(.init manager (into-array args))
(.start manager)
; dpGet
(println "dpGet with str: " (dpGet :ExampleDP_Arg1.))
(println "dpGet with set: " (dpGet #{:ExampleDP_Arg1. :ExampleDP_Arg2.}))
(println "dpGet with seq: " (dpGet [:ExampleDP_Arg1. :ExampleDP_Arg2.]))
; dpGet and dpSet
(let [[a1 a2] (dpGet [:ExampleDP_Arg1. :ExampleDP_Arg2.])]
(dpSet {:ExampleDP_Arg1. (+ 1 a1) :ExampleDP_Arg2. (+ 1 a2)}))
; dpConnect
(let [c (dpConnect [:ExampleDP_Arg1. :ExampleDP_Arg2.] callback)]
(Thread/sleep 180000)
(.disconnect c))
(.stop manager))
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