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Awesome Alexa Awesome PRs Welcome

Please read the contribution guidelines or the creating a list guide if you want to contribute.

Table of contents


Podcasts and episodes

  • Alexa Dev Chat - Dave Isbitski discusses various aspects of Alexa (Alexa Skills Kit and Alexa Voice Service), natural language understanding, voice recognition, and how developers like you are building innovative solutions. The podcasts include Alexa news, developer tips, and interviews with Alexa developers and Alexa employees.
  • VoiceBot Podcasts VoiceBot goal is to gather in one place the most important news and commentary about all things voice web.
  • VoiceFirst.FM VoiceFirst.FM is a podcast network devoted to voice-first technology.



  • VoiceBot - One of the main news sources about voice industry and Amazon Alexa.
  • Love My Echo - Love My Echo is the first consumer-oriented site dedicated to the Amazon Alexa devices: what they are, what they do, and how to get the most from them. The site brings readers Alexa tips, tricks, how-tos, news and opinion pieces.

Popular examples of skills

  • Song Quiz - Listen to thousands of music clips by your favorite artists from the past 60 years! Guess the correct song title and artist. Challenge your friends and family in live competitions or compete against music fans across the country!
  • Magic Door - The Magic Door is an interactive adventure game with original stories. You can tell Alexa what choices to make as you explore a magical land with various regions, including a forest, sea, garden and castle. You will collect hidden items, solve riddles, and help magical creatures.
  • Would You Rather - Would You Rather for Family is a simple but addicting game where you make a choice between two lighthearted and silly situations. Will the rest of the world agree with your decision? You have to get the skill to find out!
  • Jeopardy - Now you can play those Jeopardy clues on Alexa! With a single voice command, test your knowledge with new clues every weekday. Step up to the podium and play the same categories you saw on the latest episode!
  • Deal or No Deal Game - Can you find the case containing $1,000,000 or trick the Banker into giving you more money than your case is worth?
  • Ambient Sounds: Rain Sounds - Rain Sounds is an ambient relaxing sleep sounds loop to help you block out unwanted noises, encourage relaxation, reduce stress, or help you fall asleep!

Video Tutorials

Directories (lists)

Skill development



  • ASK CLI - The ASK Command Line Interface (ASK CLI) is a tool for you to manage your Alexa skills and related AWS Lambda functions. With ASK CLI, you have access to the Skill Management API, which allows you to manage Alexa skills programmatically from the command line.
  • Bespoken CLI (Develop, Debug, and Test Live on Your Laptop) - Combine the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) with the Bespoken command line (CLI) for 10X software development.


  • skill-sample-nodejs-fact - This Alexa sample skill is a template for a basic fact skill. Provided a list of interesting facts about a topic, Alexa will select a fact at random and tell it to the user when the skill is invoked.
  • skill-sample-nodejs-petmatch - This Alexa Skill Kit sample shows how to build a skill using Dialog Management and Entity Resolution.
  • skill-sample-nodejs-team-lookup - An Alexa Skill Sample showing how to build a team lookup skill.
  • skill-sample-nodejs-city-guide - An Alexa Skill Sample showing how to build a skill featuring a single city's landmarks and news.
  • skill-sample-nodejs-audio-player - An Alexa Skill Sample showing how to play long form audio in 3P-skills.
  • skill-sample-nodejs-highlowgame - This Alexa sample skill is a template for a basic high-low game skill. Guess a number, and Alexa will tell you whether the number she has in mind is higher or lower.
  • skill-sample-nodejs-howto - This tutorial will walk first-time Alexa skills developers through all the required steps involved in creating a parameter-based skill using a template called ‘Minecraft Helper’. Ask how to craft an item in the game Minecraft, and this skill will give you instructions.
  • skill-sample-nodejs-feed - An Alexa Skill Template to help create skills that read RSS/Atom feeds.
  • skill-sample-nodejs-decision-tree - An Alexa Skill Sample for building a skill that can take a user through a decision tree, like "What should I eat for breakfast?".
  • skill-sample-nodejs-calendar-reader - An Alexa Skill Sample showing how to import calendar data from an .ICS file.
  • skill-sample-nodejs-trivia - This Alexa sample skill is a template for a trivia style game with score keeping. Alexa will ask you a multiple choice questions and seek your response. Correct and Incorrect answers to questions are recorded.
  • skill-sample-nodejs-quiz-game - An Alexa Skill Sample showing how to build a quiz game skill.
  • skill-sample-nodejs-salesforce - This project demonstrates how to build an Alexa private skill that integrates with your Salesforce data, utilizing account linking and a personal voice code.


Skill building platforms

  • Storyline - Create and publish Amazon Alexa skills without coding with visual interface and pre-build templates.
  • Smartly.AI - All in one platform for your voice and chatbot projects.
  • PullString - Design, prototype, and publish voice apps for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IoT devices.
  • Conversable - Conversable is the enterprise conversational intelligence platform for creating intuitive, on-demand, automated experiences on any messaging or voice channel.
  • - KITT.AI offers Conversational Understanding as a Service with ChatFlow and customizable wake word detection on embedded devices.
  • BotTalk - BotTalk - Create Complex Alexa Skills with simple markup language. Session management, context awareness, third party APIs integration, template language support, automated tests of all possible dialog flows, one-click deploys.



  • VoiceX - Prototyping sample dialogs for voice user interfaces.
  • Sayspring - Create interactive voice prototypes for Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
  • BotSociety - Preview & prototype your voice interfaces.
  • Skillinator - Prototype Alexa Skills for Alexa Skills Kit SDK for JavaScript / Node.js (Lambda)


  • Dashbot - Actionable Analytics for Amazon Alexa
  • Opearlo - Opearlo is a voice design agency that offers Alexa skill design and development, along with Opearlo Analytics, a platform for insights into Alexa skill usage.
  • - Alpine is a pioneer in voice experience analytics, and is the most widely used product analytics service for Alexa skills.
  • WitLingo - Witlingo is a SaaS product company that enables skills developers to access analytics, diagnostics, and discovery tools to help them improve their skills.


  • Audio converter (Storyline) - This simple tool helps you to convert your MP3s into the right format for Amazon Alexa skills. It works for Google Actions too.
  • Audio converter (Jovo) - Convert MP3 files for using in Amazon Alexa Skills
  • Tophonetics - A free International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) phonetics generator for your SSML in Amazon Alexa Skills


  • Bespoken - Bespoken provides monitoring and testing tools for Alexa skills (and Google Actions). Our platform keeps track to make sure your skill is working correctly, and alerts you when it is not.


  • XAPPmedia, Inc. - XAPPmedia is a pioneer in interactive voice experiences. We design, develop, host and manage custom Alexa skills for leading brands and publishers.
  • Witlingo, Inc. - Witlingo is a SaaS product company that enables skills developers to access analytics, diagnostics, and discovery tools to help them improve their skills.
  • Volara - Volara provides custom voice-based solutions to the hospitality industry, ensuring hotel guests’ engagement is personal and remarkable.
  • VoiceXP - Trusted by Global Brands as the only one-stop-shop offering the complete Voice Experience™, VoiceXP is the highest rated managed SaaS provider for enterprise-grade internal and external Skills.
  • Vidanov Digital - Vidanov Digital is a german based innovations consulting agency with VUI expertise for Alexa.
  • Vectorform - Vectorform is an invention company that creates digital products and experiences for the world’s leading brands enabling them to develop and drive innovation.
  • VaynerMedia - VaynerMedia is a digital agency that helps brands storytell across the platforms that matter most in the now, driving real business results.
  • Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation - UCIC helps companies build voice interaction into their hardware products, including developing prototypes, POCs, and unique experiences using voice.
  • UI Centric - UI Centric is a leading software agency specializing in the Media & Entertainment and Sports industries with offices in New York and London.
  • TVGla - TVGla is a full service, digital-first agency connecting people and brands moving at the speed of culture.
  • TribalScale - TribalScale is a digital firm specialized in the design and development of world-class digital products, helping to usher businesses into the connected age.
  • SpokenLayer - We create, distribute, and monetize branded spoken experiences by leveraging your existing editorial content and our network of real human voices.
  • Solstice - Solstice is an innovation and emerging technology firm that helps Fortune 500 companies seize new opportunities through world-changing digital solutions.
  • Slalom - Slalom helps companies solve business problems and build for the future, with solutions spanning business advisory, customer experience, technology, and analytics.
  • SapientRazorfish - SapientRazorfish is a new breed of transformation partner designed to help companies reimagine their business through radical customer-centricity.
  • Rocket Insights - Rocket Insights is a small team of senior Voice/AI experts, building the product-focused agency we always wanted to hire.
  • Rain - RAIN is a digital consultancy and pioneer in building voice experiences that drive ROI for leading brands.
  • Quantum XPR - Quantum XPR uses future-tested tools and insights to address business challenges of today.
  • POSSIBLE Mobile - POSSIBLE Mobile is a digital agency that specializes in designing and developing Alexa skills as well as native handset, tablet and set top box applications.
  • Orbita Inc. - Orbita powers adaptive, conversational voice, chat, and SMS solutions for patient engagement, education, and care coordination in the healthcare market.
  • Opearlo - Opearlo is a voice design agency that offers Alexa skill design and development, along with Opearlo Analytics, a platform for insights into Alexa skill usage.
  • ONSEI GmbH - ONSEI is a conversational interface agency and SaaS company that offers solutions for voice design and development, along with other ONSEI platform services.
  • Newscycle Solutions - Newscycle develops and delivers mobile, editorial, advertising and circulation software and technologies that empower the global news media industry.
  • Mobiquity - Mobiquity is a digital engagement provider that designs and delivers Alexa skills, as well as data-driven, connected innovation, for Fortune 500 companies.
  • Mindshare - Mindshare is a global media agency network that drives adaptive marketing in a world where everything begins and ends in media.
  • Matchbox - Matchbox is an experienced voice interaction design and development studio, with several published Alexa skills and tools on developing for Alexa.
  • Isobar - Isobar is a global full-service digital agency driven to solve complex client challenges with ideas that transform businesses and brands.
  • ISL (iStrategyLabs) - ISL invents digital & physical experiences for the world’s biggest brands. Our designers, developers, marketers and makers build everything from apps, to connected devices, to wildly creative campaigns that reach audiences globally.
  • IPG Media Lab - The IPG Media Lab is a creative technology agency that builds conversational experiences for leading brands.
  • Iconmobile - Iconmobile creates customer experiences for connected devices supported by many different open and proprietary platforms.
  • Giant Spoon - Giant Spoon is an NY and LA-based innovation-driven marketing agency that can help craft the strategy for your skill, produce it, and promote it.
  • FreshDigitalGroup - FreshDigitalGroup is a mobile solutions provider using innovative and emerging technology to create best-in-class creative design and execution on all devices.
  • Connected Lab - Connected Lab is a digital product innovation firm specializing in the design and development of better conversational interfaces through rapid prototyping and validation.
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions - Cognizant’s Conversational AI practice helps businesses envision, create and evolve fully integrated conversational solutions - including text and voice-based cognitive agents. Accelerating the shift to digital with Cognizant's offerings makes the path clear and the process systematic.
  • Blink - Blink is a leading user experience consulting firm specializing in the research, design, and development of digital customer experiences.
  • AKQA - AKQA uses the imaginative application of art and science to create beautiful ideas, products, and services.
  • Accenture - Accenture is a global professional services company partnering with the Fortune 500 driving innovation to help deliver transformational outcomes for a demanding new digital world.



  • Alexa Fund - The Alexa Fund provides up to $100 million in venture capital funding to fuel voice technology innovation.


  • Cathy Pearl - VP of User Experience at Sensely, Author of the O'Reilly book Designing Voice User Interfaces Twitter Linkedin

  • Paul Cutsinger - Working with developers to design and develop voice based user experiences. Currently: Alexa, Alexadevs. Previously: Appstore, Disney. Twitter

  • Dave Isbitski - Works for Amazon's Alexa, evangelist. Host of Alexa Dev Chat Podcast. Twitter

  • John Kelvie - Building stuff for Alexa, Google Home and Bots at Bespoken Twitter

  • Steven Arkonovich - Steven Arkonovich is a professor of philosophy and humanities at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Steven was an Alexa enthusiast from the very beginning, actively writing Alexa applications before there even was an API. He has since developed a Ruby framework for quickly creating Alexa skills as web services. Linkedin Linkedin Github

  • Andrea Bianco - Andrea Bianco is the owner of a Smart House Consulting business in southern Arizona. She provides consultations, and design guidance, and offers technical installations, including those using Alexa-enabled devices such as Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. Twitter Linkedin

  • Tilmann Böhme - Organizer of the Amazon Alexa & Other Voice Interfaces – Berlin, Germany meetup Twitter Linkedin

  • Mark Carpenter - Mark was an early adopter of and advocate for Amazon Echo and developing skills using the Alexa Skills Kit. He has published the ASK Dev Weekly newsletter since September 2015. He also was the chief architect of the Alexa Project curriculum currently offered to Bloc bootcamp students. Twitter Github

  • Mandy Chan - Mandy first discovered Amazon Echo while attending a 2016 developer conference in San Francisco. She watched a team working with an Echo and it instantly appealed to her interests in both back-end software development and artificial intelligence. Since then, she has developed more than a dozen Alexa skills and won three hackathons for Alexa skills: Best Use of Alexa at TechCrunch New York, Grand Prize Winner at Manhattan Angel Hack, and HackItTogether. Twitter Github Medium

  • Brian Donohue - After taking the company Amazon Echo home for the weekend, Brian immediately recognized the power and potential of the platform and began developing custom skills. His first skill, called Nonsmoker, allows former smokers to track how long it has been since they quit smoking; it is available in the Alexa app. In addition to active development with the Alexa Skills Kit, Brian also founded the NYC Amazon Alexa Meetup. Linkedin Github

  • Joel Evans - Founder of the Boston Echo / Alexa Developers meetup; Organizer of Alexa month-long hackathon; Twitter Linkedin

  • Drew Firment - Drew Firment’s most popular Alexa skills are ones he made with his 14-year-old daughter, who happens to be a big Harry Potter fan. Linkedin Twitter

  • Leor Grebler - Daily Medium posts about Alexa Voice Service, Echo, and speech technologies; Founder of the Ubiquitous Voice Society Toronto Meetup group; Twitter Medium Linkedin

  • April L. Hamilton - Maintains "Love My Echo" consumer website; ASK Dev Tuesday blog series at Love My Echo; Her Crystal Ball and Bingo skills are among the first four skills from independent developers to be released by Amazon for Echo. She holds the rank of Alexa Guru on Amazon’s developer forums. Twitter Facebook

  • Tom Hudson - Tom helped lead a popular Alexa skill-building workshop at SXSW in 2017. In just three short hours, attendees built skills that would build awareness for political or social causes. Several of the skills from that workshop are now available in the Alexa Skills Store. Linkedin Github Medium Twitter

  • Darian Johnson - 3-part blog series on using Amazon Machine Learning to predict the best time of day for exercise and automating the model with Alexa; Tutorial on how to build a magic mirror using Alexa, AWS, and a Raspberry Pi; Darian continues to contribute to the Alexa community, by sharing the source code to his projects, providing feedback to other developers and blogging about expanding the use of Alexa in his home. Twitter Linkedin

  • Ryan Kroonenburg - Creator of "Alexa Development For Absolute Beginners" course; Alexa Devs Dublin meetup speaker Twitter Linkedin

  • Matt Kruse - After creating one of the first dozen skills ever published and building some skills for personal use, he saw that his greatest contribution could be in building a framework for others and in assisting the growing community of developers. Recognizing the unfilled need for a Node-based framework for building Alexa skills on top of AWS Lambda, he first created the alexa-app framework, and then the alexa-app-server container for hosting javascript-based skills. These projects and others they have spawned continue to be popular and are maintained by the open source community. Twitter Github Facebook

  • Bob Lautenbach - Bob is the co-founder and Chief “Tinker” Officer of Voceio, a firm that designs and builds custom Alexa skills in Orlando. He says he started tinkering with Alexa skills shortly after the technology debuted—and he’s hooked. Bob is the founder of the Orlando Alexa Meet-up group, and he recently helped found a similar group in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He often shares the source code and templates for his project with the Alexa community. “I try to give back to the community,” he says. Twitter Github

  • Sam Machin - Sam is a strong believer in rapid prototyping to discover the optimal solution for both the user and the technology. He is very interested in the Alexa Voice Service and particularly enthusiastic about the idea of getting Alexa everywhere. Twitter Github Linkedin

  • Oscar Merry - Oscar is the Head of Technology at Opearlo - The Voice Design Agency that helps organizations make their products, services, and content accessible through voice using the Amazon Alexa technology. Oscar also runs the London Alexa Devs meetup, which he set up in July 2016 in eager anticipation of the Alexa technology coming to the UK. The meetup has held several events and has grown to a community of more than 200 Alexa developers. Twitter Linkedin

  • Eric Olson - Creator of "Alexa Skills Kit Responder" Twitter Linkedin

  • Terren Peterson - Terren is currently developing interactive voice applications using the Alexa platform. He has created multiple Alexa skills. Most recently, he integrated Alexa Voice Service with a Raspberry Pi to create Roxie, the voice-activated pitching machine that won first place in the Best ASK with Raspberry Pi segment of Alexa’s Internet of Voice Challenge on Terren is now experimenting with the analytics capabilities of Alexa to understand and improve skill usage. Twitter Github Linkedin

  • Walter Quesada - Walter is a speaker and co-organizer for the South Florida Emerging Technology Group and a speaker at the South Florida Code Camp at Nova Southeastern University. He is also an O’Reilly author and a Pluralsight instructor with a course titled “Developing Alexa Skills for Amazon Echo". Twitter Linkedin

  • Nick Schwab - Nick advises aspiring Alexa developers to keep their voice commands short and sweet. He also urges newcomers to spend as much time as they can in Alexa’s growing community of creators. Regularly helping Alexa developers in the Unofficial Alexa Slack Group. Twitter Linkedin Github

  • Bob Stolzberg - Bob hosts the Saint Louis Alexa Meetup group, and he encourages developers who are new to Alexa to seek out community. Twitter Linkedin

  • Hicham Tahiri - Creator of Alexa Designer, a visual conversation design tool, now part of; Organizer of the Amazon Alexa - Paris meetup; Twitter Linkedin

  • Mark Tucker - Mark founded the Phoenix Alexa Meetup, and he developed the open-source Alexa skill serverless starter template. He wants new Alexa developers to know that getting started is easy. Anyone can get up and running quickly using the tutorials in the Alexa Skills Kit. Linkedin Github Twitter

  • Rick Wargo - Applying his professional expertise in software development, he has created an environment to craft Alexa skills where BDD drives the development methodology. With a lifelong practice of giving back, Rick has released those tools in the form of a skill template and a full-featured Alexa skill to the open source community. Rick is an active participant in other open-source Alexa projects, contributing to Matt Kruse’s alexa-app and Mike Reinstein’s alexa-utterances. Twitter Linkedin Github

  • John Wheeler - John Wheeler is the creator of Flask-Ask and the Alexa Skills Kit development framework for Python that enables rapid skill development. He also created, a resource for leveling-up quickly with Flask-Ask and the Alexa Skills Kit. Twitter Github YouTube

  • Austin Wilson - Austin Wilson taught Alexa how to drive a motorized car, winning a second-place award in Hackster’s Internet of Voice Challenge (IoV) with Raspberry Pi. Then he taught Alexa how to communicate with ships in the video game Elite Dangerous, winning first place in the Amazon Alexa API Mashup Contest. Linkedin Twitter Facebook

  • Shoaib Rayeen - Shoaib Rayeen is an Alexa Student Influencer from Department of Computer Science,University of Delhi, Delhi, India. He used to teach about building and designing Alexa Skills to beginners and intermediate developers and used to run Delhi Amazon Alexa Meetup Group along with another Alexa Student Influencer.Linkedin Twitter Facebook Github



  • Unofficial Alexa Slack - A group of chat channels focusing on Amazon Alexa enabled hardware and software. Developers, designers, marketers, business people, hobbyists, students, and other professionals involved in technology are welcome.
  • Storyline community - Facebook community of Alexa Developers built around the Storyline, tool for creating voice apps without coding.



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