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The python SDK developed by Voicen allows customers to use speech-to-text service of Voicen.
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Voicen Python SDK


This is Python SDK to use Speech-to-text service of Voicen. To see more about API visit to API Documentation. You are free to develop your own SDK for different languages using Voicen API documentation.


You can install SDK direct from pip repository running this command:

pip3 install --upgrade voicen

You can also install from source code:

python install --user


  • Python 2.7+ or Python 3.4+


Before using this SDK you must have an Access Token. To get Access Token visit to API Token page. There is an Access Token generated for you. Use this Access Token to create your client:

from voicen import vcnclient
# create your client
voicen_client = vcnclient.VoicenClient('ACCESS_TOKEN')

Sending a file

Once you have set up your client with your Access Token you can send a file to transcribe. You also must specify language of speech.

#send a file to transcribe
job = voicen_client.create_job_with_local_file('PATH_TO_FILE', 'LANGUAGE')

Sending media url

Once you have set up your client with your Access Token you can send a media URL to transcribe. For example you can use youtube URL as a media URL. You also must specify language of speech.

#send a media URL to transcribe
job = voicen_client.create_job_with_media_url('MEDIA_URL', 'LANGUAGE')

Checking status of job

You can check status of job using its id

#get job details
job_details = voicen_client.get_job(

Getting list of jobs

You can get list of jobs.

#get list of jobs
jobs = voicen_client.get_jobs()

#limit number of jobs in the list
jobs = voicen_client.get_jobs(limit=50)

#get jobs starting after the certain job id
jobs = voicen_client.get_jobs(start_after=1203)

Deleting job

You can delete job using its id

#delete job

Getting your transcription

You can get your transcription in these formats:

  • json
  • text
  • srt(SubRip Text)
  • Microsoft Word
#get your transcription as a json
#returns Transcription object
transcription = voicen_client.get_transcription(

#get your transcription as a text
#return string
transcription_text = voicen_client.get_transcription_as_text(

#get your transcription as a srt
#returns string
transcription_srt = voicen_client.get_transcription_as_srt(

#get your transcription as ms word
#returns byte array
transcription_msword = voicen_client.get_transcription_as_msword(

Getting account details

You can get you account email and balance in seconds.

#get account
account = voicen_client.get_account()

Getting payment details

You can get your payment details.

#get payment details
payment = voicen_client.get_payments()
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