Create your own ambient sound for relaxation.
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Relaxio is designed to allow users to create and store their own ambient mixes for reading, relaxing, and focusing. This app was developed as my capstone project in the Front-end Web Development course at It was built using Javascript, Jquery, Angular, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, and of course Git/Github.

All sound mp3s sourced via YouTube. Singing bowls mp3 available courtesy of the 33bowls monastery.

Significant contributions to development were made by Matthew Maxwell, my Bloc mentor. Logo and icons designed by Gisele Schaaf.

2.0 Release Notes

  • Four new sound mp3s and icons: wind, wind chimes, cat purr, & star ship
  • Improved web UI per contemporary design standards
  • Updated sound grid for responsiveness
  • Increased width of volume bar and thumb to improve mobile usability
  • Removal of login/save mix functionality due to lack of use and difficulty to maintain
  • Creation of twitter account @relaxioapp to announce updates and receive feedback