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Chocimier committed Nov 29, 2019
1 parent ac5805f commit ea66b29b6294ad7d83e46ca47a1d9383ae09b734
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@@ -1572,27 +1572,8 @@ common/shlibs.
generally those packages are the same but have been split as to avoid
cyclic dependencies. Make sure that the package you're removing is not
the source of those patches/files.
- Replace the package template with the following:

# Template file for '$pkgname'
revision=$((revision + 1))
short_desc="${short_desc} (removed package)"

- Add (or replace) the INSTALL.msg with the following:

$pkgname is no longer provided by Void Linux, and will be fully removed from the repos on $(date -d '+3 months' '+%F')

- After the specified time remove the package from the repository index
- Remove package template.
- Remove the package from the repository index
or contact a team member that can do so.

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