runit init scripts for Void
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core-services Merge pull request #64 from dne/patch-1 Jun 13, 2018
dracut dracut/runit-void.conf -> dracut/10-runit-void.conf Dec 10, 2014
runsvdir Disable avahi/dbus/dcron/dhcpcd services from "default" runlevel. Jun 2, 2014
services Fix another always succeeding test Sep 29, 2016
.gitignore Add vlogger(8) Jun 20, 2018
1 1, 3: remove some more trailing extra newlines. Mar 22, 2015
2 2: Handle single the same way as any other runlevel Mar 26, 2015
3 Find out size of the saved random-seed via /proc/sys/kernel/random/po… May 11, 2015
Makefile Makefile: actually install vlogger Jun 23, 2018 core-services/sysctl: drop sysctl(8) --system requirement. Sep 5, 2015
crypt.awk Updated fix to crypt.awk so that it works with gawk, mawk, and nawk. Sep 20, 2016
ctrlaltdel Fix shutdown regression introduced in 9022506. Aug 16, 2014
functions Fix "No devices found" error during shutdown Oct 15, 2017
halt.8 leahize Jul 24, 2017
halt.c halt: Remove trailing whitespace Apr 8, 2015
modules-load modules-load: set PATH, otherwise it could fail to run modprobe. Nov 24, 2014
modules-load.8 leahize Jul 24, 2017
pause.1 leahize Jul 24, 2017
pause.c Add halt/pause utils from ignite. Apr 26, 2014
rc.conf Remove ability to declare kernel modules in rc.conf Mar 26, 2015
rc.local Add an empty rc.local. Jul 25, 2014
rc.shutdown Added /etc/rc.shutdown, called in runlevel 3 Jan 15, 2015
shutdown.8 leahize Jul 24, 2017
vlogger.8 vlogger: add message argument for POSIX logger compatibility Jun 23, 2018
vlogger.c vlogger: fix exit status Jun 23, 2018
zzz zzz: -Z doesn't take arguments. Jan 7, 2017
zzz.8 zzz.8: update author. Jan 7, 2017

Runit init scripts for void

This repository contains the runit init scripts for the Void Linux distribution.

This is loosely based on but with the difference that I'm trying to avoid the bash dependency.


  • A POSIX shell
  • A POSIX awk
  • procps-ng (needs pkill -s0,1)
  • runit

How to use it

runit is used by default in the Void distribution.

To see enabled services for "current" runlevel:

$ ls -l /var/service

To see available runlevels (default and single, which just runs sulogin):

$ ls -l /etc/runit/runsvdir

To enable and start a service into the "current" runlevel:

# ln -s /etc/sv/<service> /var/service

To disable and remove a service:

# rm -f /var/service/<service>

To view status of all services for "current" runlevel:

# sv status /var/service/*

Feel free to send patches and contribute with improvements!


void-runit is in the public domain.

To the extent possible under law, the creator of this work has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.