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A set of core libraries for building domain-driven business applications. Includes opinionated support for Asp.Net Core applications.
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A set of core libraries for building domain-driven business applications.

The current major version of VoidCore includes opinionated support for Asp.Net Core 2.1, 2.2, and 3.0 applications.

FoodStuffs is a comprehensive example of how applications can be built using VoidCore.


Read about the packages available.

Docs Release Pre-Release Description
VoidCore.AspNet NuGet package MyGet package Configure Asp.Net Core web applications based on VoidCore.Model. Includes single-page front end support.
VoidCore.Domain NuGet package MyGet package Core for building domain-driven, functional and event-based applications.
VoidCore.EntityFramework NuGet package MyGet package Entity Framework Core data access for applications based on VoidCore.Model.
VoidCore.Model NuGet package MyGet package Service interfaces for building opinionated business applications.
VoidCore.Finance NuGet package MyGet package A financial library with primary focus on simple amortization and time-value of money.


VoidCore is built on Azure Pipelines and released on Nuget.

To work on VoidCore, you will need the .Net Core SDK.

See the /build folder for scripts used to test and build this project. Run build.ps1 to make a production build.

cd build

There are VSCode tasks for each script. The build task (ctrl + shift + b) performs the standard CI build.

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