Serving Mosaico

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Mosaico is a frontend/javascript application: you can serve it through any httpd server such as Apache or IIS. However, Mosaico, in order to work, needs a server based backend, for image upload/manipulation, email download and send, or any other integration with your services.

The gitHub open source distribution provide a minimal node.js backend suitable just for tests, your backend could be developed in any language. For further information refer to the example backend provided by the distribution.

Access Interpreting wrote a sample PHP backend so you can start from there if you want to use mosaico with an Apache/PHP backend.

Ryan Nowakowski wrote a Python/Django backend and also wrote a test-suite in Python to help testing mosaico backends

In order to configure Mosaico to work with your own backend/deploy, look at Mosaico.init() in editor.html: it takes backed paths as configurations.