Master template for Mosaico + scripts to help generate & maintain it.
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Mosaico - Master Template and HTù template generator for Mosaico

Mosaico is a JavaScript library (or maybe a single page application) supporting the editing of email templates. This repository contains the HTMML "sources" for the versafix-1 template. They are translated to HTML and directly used by mosaico.

Here is a thumbnail of the template:


You need NodeJS v6.0 or higher + ImageMagick

  npm install
  npm run build

This will run, for each template, 3 things

  • Generate the template HTML from the source HTMML code
  • Copy the img files from def to dist.
  • Generate the template model, or check the template model against previously generated models, to track compatibility issues
  • Generate the template and block thumbnails (edres folder) for the templates.

Src vs Generated

dist contains the final templates to be used in mosaico model contains generated model files, used to track compatility issues between builds.


HTMML is a very simple template language we use to make it easier to write mosaico master templates.