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@bago bago released this Feb 28, 2018 · 14 commits to master since this release

First release of the versafix 1.1 template, generated using HTMML template language.

The template is backward compatible with versafix 1.0.x releases, so you can load versafix 1.0 models with versafix 1.1 (not viceversa).

The new template introduces this new features:

  • Alignment option for titles, texts, buttons
  • Line spacing option for paragraphs
  • More background choices for logo and separator blocks.
  • Free-height option for multi-image blocks
  • New image size variants in the vertical image+text block
  • New social follow block
  • New social share block

It also introduce a bunch of bug fixes (many of them because of the generation via HTMML instead of repeating the same code over and over with some copy and paste and move and copy and paste and update issues).

It introduces a more solid "hybrid/spongy" html code that is correctly supported in most environments. For example the Android App used for (AKA MyMail App, also used by now is correctly supported and show the responsive version of versafix 1.1.

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