The Void Linux live image maker
Shell Makefile
Latest commit 9800862 Nov 29, 2016 @CMB CMB committed with chneukirchen fix sfdisk usage for multiple arches.
In the case where we have two partitions, boot and root, the
root partition needs to start at sector (2048 + bootfs_size_in_sectors),
not at $BOOT_FSSIZE.
Using $BOOT_FSSIZE as the start tells sfdisk to try to start the
/ partition in the middle of /boot, which it refuses to do.
Leave start blank, and sfdisk uses the first unallocated sector as
the start of /, which happens to be sector 2048 + bootfs_size_in_sectors.

I suspect this fixes #81.

The Void Linux image/live/rootfs maker and installer

This repository contains utilities for Void Linux:

  • installer (The Void Linux el-cheapo installer for x86)
  • mklive (The Void Linux live image maker for x86)

  • mkimage (The Void Linux image maker for ARM platforms)

  • mkrootfs (The Void Linux rootfs maker for ARM platforms)


  • xbps>=0.45
  • qemu-user-static binaries (for mkrootfs)



$ make

and then see the usage output:

$ ./ -h
$ ./ -h
$ ./ -h


Build a native live image with runit and keyboard set to 'fr':

# ./ -k fr

Build an i686 (on x86_64) live image with some additional packages:

# ./ -a i686 -p 'vim rtorrent'

Build an x86_64 musl live image with packages stored in a local repository:

# ./ -a x86_64-musl -r /path/to/host/binpkgs

See the usage output for more information :-)