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This repository

The XBPS source packages collection

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The XBPS source packages collection

This repository contains the XBPS source packages collection to build binary packages for the Void Linux distribution.

To start using it first you'll need some external dependencies:

  • bash
  • fakeroot (only required by the bootstrap target)
  • xbps >= 0.35

Make sure your user is added to the xbuilder group to be able to use xbps-uchroot, otherwise xbps-src won't work correctly.

The xbps-src utility will allow you to generate XBPS binary packages, type

 $ ./xbps-src -h

to see all available targets/options and start building any available package in the srcpkgs directory.

The etc/defaults.conf file contains the possible settings that can be overrided through the etc/conf configuration file for the xbps-src utility.

See Manual for documentation to create and learn about the source packages.

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