XBPS binary package builder [OBSOLETE]
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xbps-src - The XBPS binary package build system

xbps-src allow users to build XBPS binary packages in self-contained directories (aka masterdirs).


  • Supports building debug packages
  • Supports cross compilation for multiple targets
  • A self-contained directory as master directory, multiple of them can be used.
  • Linux namespaces features (IPC/PID/mount) for masterdir


Simply use the make && make install clean sequence to build and install it into /usr/local by default. Some variables can be overriden thru make(1) variables:

  • DESTDIR: empty
  • PREFIX: /usr/local by default
  • SBINDIR: PREFIX/sbin by default
  • SHAREDIR: PREFIX/share by default
  • LIBEXECDIR: PREFIX/libexec by default
  • ETCDIR: PREFIX/etc/xbps by default

By default the PRIVILEGED_GROUP is set to xbuilder but you can just set it to your preferred group, remember that xbps-src must be installed as root to set appropiate permissions to the chroot helper.


  • GNU bash
  • fakeroot
  • git
  • xbps >= 0.33

The following packages are required to build a full bootstrap from scratch:

  • GNU Awk
  • GNU Binutils
  • GNU Bison/Flex
  • GNU CC with C++ support
  • GNU Gettext (msgfmt)
  • GNU patch
  • GNU Tar
  • gzip
  • bzip2
  • xz
  • perl