Mac menu bar message notifier for reddit
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This small application is designed to sit up in your Mac OS X menu bar and poll every 60 seconds to see if you have any messages awaiting your feverent attention.

For the reddit obsessed.

Ufo Colors

  • Outline : Not logged in
  • Filled : Logged in, no messages
  • Orange Canopy: You have a message! Make with the clicking!
  • Magenta Canopy: Mod mail, look at you, Mr. Importante!

Special Thanks to the following redditors:

  • Traviscat
  • ashleyw
  • Condawg
  • dawnerd
  • despideme
  • derekaw
  • EthicalReasoning
  • giftedmunchkin
  • kevinhoagland
  • loggedout
  • polyGone
  • RamenStein
  • shinratdr
  • sporadicmonster
  • pkamb


This application is deliverately as featureless as possible, if you are looking for a commercially supported expierence, you may look at Peter Kamb's excellent Orangered notifier for Reddit: