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PHProjekt 6

PHProjekt is an application suite that supports communication and management of teams and companies. It includes a group calendar, project management, a request tracker and 12 other modules. See for more details

Build Status

Before you run PHProjekt...

In order to run PHProjekt from the checkout, you need to install the neccessary libraries. To do that, run the following commands. (If you're not in the directory containing this file, adjust the path.)

  1. cd phprojekt
  2. wget
  3. php composer.phar install


Patches to PHProjekt are always welcome.

Before submitting pull requests sure that your prepared your patch with the following rules in mind.

For a new feature, please open a pull request.

  1. Use unified diff format. This can be done using the diff -u switch. Version control systems like git use unified diffs by default. You can also send us pull requests.

  2. Include a proper commit message

  3. Make sure that you used Zend Framework Coding standard.

  4. If you like to add new functionallity, make sure that you write a proper proposal.

  5. If you include third party libraries, make sure that they can be distributed und the terms of the Lesser GNU Public License 3 as described in the LICENSE file.

  6. If you change anything under htdocs/dojo, recompile the dojo packages to include new compressed javascript ("ant compilejs" in the project root).

Happy hacking.

(c) 2011 Mayflower GmbH and Contributors

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