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Scott Adams Interpreter for the TRS-80
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Scott19 - Scott Adams Interpreter for the TRS-80!

It's based on scottfree ported to the TRS-80 and changed a bit to look more like the originals.

Build Dependencies

To compile, you'll need gcc to compile dat2c which converts .dat files into c stuctures.

For the TRS-80 binaries, you'll need the Small Device C Compiler (SDCC), which is free and open source,


Edit src/makefile and change SDCCDIR to be the location where you have SDCC installed.

Then (eg)

make clean
make adv05.dsk

Will build adv05.dsk, adv05.cmd and adv05.cas


Runs under Model I, III, 4/4P.


Example, to run on model I, under DOS

..\emu\trs80gp -m1 -50 -ld -d1 adv05.dsk


..\emu\sdltrs -model 1 -romfile ..\emu\model1.rom -scale 2 -disk0 ..\emu\newdos80.dsk -disk1 adv05.dsk -foreground 0x07e214

Example, to run on model III, under DOS

..\emu\sdltrs -model 3 -romfile3 ../emu/model3.rom -scale 2 -disk0 "../emu/ld3-531.dsk" -disk1 adv05.dsk -foreground 0x07e214

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