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Marko Wallin edited this page Nov 10, 2022 · 30 revisions

This is the development wiki for Voikko. Feel free to edit this wiki or add pages for any topic related to Voikko.

Bugs and feature requests

Bugs and feature requests should be reported as issues in GitHub. All linguistic issues and issues related to libvoikko should be filed under corevoikko. Application integration components have their own issue trackers.

Application support

Supported applications

Application Integration with Voikko Status Maintained by/within Links
LibreOffice as extension stable Voikko project releases, GIT
Firefox, Iceweasel as extension not available for latest releases Voikko project releases, GIT
applications using Enchant spell checking library or Enchant Ispell emulation built in stable (Ispell emulation is incomplete) Enchant project releases,
applications using OS X spell service spell service implementation stable Marko Wallin instructions, releases, GIT
applications using Ispell wrapper (tmispell) unmaintained, use Enchant instead Voikko project releases, GIT
Apache Solr search platform as plugin stable The National Library of Finland instructions,
GIT, config,
Full Solr example
Elasticsearch as plugin in testing Evident Solutions instructions and GIT
applications for Android spell service implementation in testing Harri Pitkänen releases, GIT
Subtitle Edit built in stable (separate download for Finnish) Nikolaj Olsson releases,
PostgreSQL extension unknown Houston Inc. GIT
KDE built in stable KDE developers GIT