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What is this?
This is libreoffice-voikko, a multi language spellchecker, grammar checker and
hyphenator extension for LibreOffice. It uses libvoikko for all linguistic operations.

This package is distributed under the terms of Mozilla Public License Version 2.0
(see COPYING). Alternatively, the source code may be used under the terms of the
GNU General Public License, version 3 or later.


Source code:
  2005 - 2016 Harri Pitkänen (
  2011 Tarja Lindfors (

Porting status
- Linux: This is the primary development platform, and should always work
- Other platforms: The extension is platform independent Python code and should
  work as long as libvoikko is available for the platform.

Platform identifiers to be used as directory names for native libraries on some of
the common platforms are:

  Windows (64 bit): Windows-64bit-WindowsPE
  Windows (32 bit): Windows-32bit-WindowsPE


- LibreOffice 4.1 or later (must come with Python 3 or later)
- Libvoikko version 3.8.1 or later.
- Make, sed, find and zip for packaging.

Instructions for packaging

- Install all of the required software listed above.
- Run "make oxt". This will build the extensions package voikko.oxt under
  subdirectory build.
  * There are some settings available that can be used to customize the build.
    Please see "build settings" in Makefile. You may change any of these settings
    by running "make VARIABLE=value" instead of "make".

Supported Make targets

- extension-files
    Builds the extension files under build/oxt.
- oxt
    Builds the extensions package voikko.oxt under subdirectory build.
- all
    Same as 'oxt'.
- install-unpacked DESTDIR=some_directory
    Installs the unpacked extension under directory DESTDIR. Default
    for DESTDIR is /usr/lib/libreoffice-voikko.
- dist-gzip
    Builds the source package.
- clean
    Removes all files generated by other targets.

Diagnostic tools

Setting environment variable PYUNO_LOGLEVEL=ARGS before starting LibreOffice
causes debug information from PyUNO to be printed to stderr.

Setting environment variable VOIKKO_DEBUG to any value before starting
LibreOffice causes debug output from this extension to be printed to stderr.

To debug possible initialization errors in production builds, try listing
spelling suggestions for string "VoikkoGetStatusInformation". This will
return a string that contains all successfully initialized languages
and failed initializations along with error messages from libvoikko.

Bug reports and patches

Patches and bug reports can be sent to the author ( The web
site for libreoffice-voikko is located at

Change history

Version 2.0 was an almost total rewrite of the previous version 1.2. This
version was designed to work well with libvoikko and aimed to use the best
current practices for extension development. The old code
was based on the internals of 1.0 and designed to work with
a non-free Finnish spellchecking library.

Version 3.0 added support for grammar checking. Version 3.2 added support
for spell checking in languages other than Finnish.

Version 4.0 extended support for grammar checkers and hyphenators to any
language. The license was changed from GPL to MPL.

Version 5.0 changed the implementation language from C++ to Python in
order to make the extension code platform independent.

For more detailed changes since 2.0 see ChangeLog.


Language checker and hyphenator extension for LibreOffice





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