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Python modules for using Voikko in machine learning applications

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Python modules that extracts features from text documents for machine learning. Initially this is mostly for Finnish but may also work for other languages supported by Voikko.

Design goals

  • The modules should have similar interface as those in sklearn.feature_extraction.text so that they can be used as drop in replacements when processing text in languages that are better supported by Voikko.
  • The modules may depend on sklearn when they extend its functionality but they must also be usable with other machine learning libraries.
  • Allow experiments and temporary workarounds for things that cannot be fixed in libvoikko due to API compatibility requirements.
    • For example case sensitive analyzer
  • Easy to use API for developers and data scientist who do not know (and do not want to learn) all the options libvoikko provides to tweak the analyzer.
  • Provide working example code for those who want to do similar things (machine learning from Finnish text) in other programming languages.


  • Stable releases and stable API (for now). Basic functionality needs to be tested in real world first.
  • Issues that can be fixed at their root (in libvoikko or voikko-fi) should be fixed there instead of working them around here.


  • libvoikko 4.3 or later
  • pip3 install scikit-learn

My OS does not have sufficiently new version of libvoikko, what to do?

On Linux

On Debian based systems including Ubuntu you can use the following commands to install development snapshot of latest libvoikko:

$ mkdir /tmp/voikko
$ cd /tmp/voikko
$ git clone
$ debian-packages/tools/makevoikkodeb libvoikko
[The script will complain if some required dependencies are missing.
If that happens install the required packages and try the command again.]
$ sudo dpkg -i *.deb

The same procedure can be used for voikko-fi (just replace libvoikko with voikko-fi above).

Both libvoikko and voikko-fi are carefully developed and master branch is throughly tested so using it should work fine for development work. The makevoikkodeb script also allows you to specify a release tag or commit id in case you want to build a specific version instead of latest master.

On macOS

Using Homebrew

brew install libvoikko
pip3 install libvoikko

you can install both libvoikko and Finnish dictionary (voikko-fi). Nothing else is needed.

On Windows

Find the latest version of libvoikko-1.dll (32 or 64 bit according to your Python interpreter version) from and copy it somewhere in your $PATH. Then pip3 install libvoikko

In case you run into errors there are more detailed instructions here:


Python modules for using Voikko in machine learning applications







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