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Dashboard template for Voilà based on GridStackJS
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A gridstack-based template for Voilà.


voila-gridstack can be installed with the conda package manager

conda install -c conda-forge voila-gridstack

or from PyPI

pip install voila-gridstack


The template uses metadata defined in the notebook file (.ipynb) to configure the layout. The specification of the metadata was defined by a now defunct project jupyter-dashboards. The specification is described in jupyter-dashboards docs.

The voila renderer behaves as a "display-only renderer without authoring capabilitiy" as defined in the specs. However, there are a few differences compared to the original implmentation:

  • if no metadata is found in the notebook voilà will render the notebook as grid layout,
  • it can not persist the state of the cells (i.e. the re-configuration of the layout will be lost, when the user closes the voila page),
  • if the cell does not contain view configuration for the particular view type (grid or report) or hidden attribute is not defined, voilà will treat it as visible.


To use the gridstack template, pass option --template=gridstack to the voila command line.


By default the position of cells in the dashboard will be fixed. If you want them to be draggable and resizable, you can launch voila with the show_handles resource set to True:

voila --template=gridstack examples/ --VoilaConfiguration.resources='{"gridstack": {"show_handles": True}}'

Note, however, that the state of the dashboard can not be persisted in the notebook.

You can change the color scheme using the theme resource:

voila --template=gridstack examples/ --VoilaConfiguration.resources='{"theme": "dark"}'


We use a shared copyright model that enables all contributors to maintain the copyright on their contributions.

This software is licensed under the BSD-3-Clause license. See the LICENSE file for details.

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