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Output messages about the git commands that are called.

The git commands might take a couple of seconds to run, especially
initial blames and logs. User feedback in such situations is nicer.
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1 parent 91b0e90 commit ae72130c9d67dcf562172da5d829656164b658df @mbunkus mbunkus committed Nov 11, 2009
Showing with 11 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +11 −5 mo-git-blame.el
@@ -161,7 +161,9 @@ interactive use, e.g. the file name, current revision etc.")
(error "No Git repository found"))))
(defun mo-git-blame-run (&rest args)
- (apply 'call-process mo-git-blame-git-executable nil (current-buffer) nil args))
+ (message "Running 'git %s'..." (car args))
+ (apply 'call-process mo-git-blame-git-executable nil (current-buffer) nil args)
+ (message "Running 'git %s'... done" (car args)))
(defun mo-git-blame-get-output-buffer ()
(let* ((name "*mo-git-blame-output*")
@@ -475,11 +477,11 @@ re-blaming."
; Declare buffer here because mo-git-blame-vars might not be available in the other buffer.
(let ((buffer (plist-get mo-git-blame-vars :content-buffer))
(line-num (line-number-at-pos)))
- (goto-line line-num)
+ (mo-git-blame-goto-line-markless line-num)
(with-selected-window (plist-get mo-git-blame-vars :content-window)
(switch-to-buffer buffer)
- (goto-line line-num)
+ (mo-git-blame-goto-line-markless line-num)
(defun mo-git-blame-other-buffer ()
@@ -488,13 +490,17 @@ re-blaming."
+(defun mo-git-blame-goto-line-markless (line)
+ (goto-char (point-min))
+ (goto-char (line-beginning-position line)))
(defun mo-git-blame-goto-line (line)
"Goto a line in both the blame and the content buffer."
(interactive "nGoto line: ")
(with-selected-window (plist-get mo-git-blame-vars :blame-window)
- (goto-line line))
+ (mo-git-blame-goto-line-markless line))
(with-selected-window (plist-get mo-git-blame-vars :content-window)
- (goto-line line)))
+ (mo-git-blame-goto-line-markless line)))
(defun mo-git-blame-current ()

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