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What is VoIPmonitor

VoIPmonitor is open source live network packet sniffer which analyze SIP and RTP protocol. It can run as daemon or analyzes already captured pcap files. For each detected VoIP call voipmonitor calculates statistics about loss, burstiness, latency and predicts MOS (Meaning Opinion Score) according to ITU-T G.107 E-model. These statistics are saved to MySQL database and each call is saved as pcap dump. Web PHP application (it is not part of open source sniffer) filters data from database and graphs latency and loss distribution. Voipmonitor also detects improperly terminated calls when BYE or OK was not seen. To accuratly transform latency to loss packets, voipmonitor simulates fixed and adaptive jitterbuffer.

Key features

  • Fast C++ SIP/RTP packet analyzer
  • Predicts MOS-LQE score according to ITU-T G.107 E-model
  • Detailed delay/loss statistics stored to MySQL
  • Each call is saved as standalone pcap file
  • Call recorder

Sponsors and contributors

  • init script, configuration file


Check README_*.md


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