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Set up env to run e2e tests against local server #4

vojtajina opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Vojta Jina alenkacz
Vojta Jina

The first is to get the client running against local server - in manual mode. That means you can open the client in the browser and do common operations against local server. We can create two development virtual hosts then (one with proxy to production another with proxy to local server).

  • clone server code repo from
  • get the server running locally
  • create fixture data / script for that
  • fake authentication for e2e testing

The next step will be to run e2e tests against the local server...

alenkacz alenkacz was assigned

what do you mean by "create fixture data / script for that" -- for what?

Vojta Jina

When running e2e tests against local server, we need some testing data, right ? Tickets, ticket revisions, users, projects, ...

These data are very often called fixtures.

Usually we want to load specific fixture set per test (or at least reload some default state).


OK I've done some Googling but still a little bit lost. Can you give me some link or a bigger hint? I guess this is something similar to the setUp() method in most testing frameworks am I right? So it means we want to insert data to DataStore and create known default state before the tests are run (all this via JS code) or ...? That's the only thing I was able to think up.

Vojta Jina

Let's do a call... Ping me when you are online...

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