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Just a text editor for ChromeOS.

Running on Chrome

  • install Chrome Canary
  • enable Experimental Extension APIs in chrome://flags
  • check Developer Mode in chrome://chrome/extensions/
  • load as "unpacked extension" in chrome://chrome/extensions/


Main Screen

Screenshot: TextDrive


Screenshot: Settings

Search (grep like filtering)

Screenshot: Grep like filtering


grunt --help

Show all available grunt tasks.

Install required packages

npm install

Install testacular, grunt, coffee-script, less.

Watch unit tests (coffee script) and styles (less)

grunt watch

Recompile all unit tests (coffee script)

grunt coffee

Recompile all coffee script code (unit tests + mocks) in test/unit/.

Recompile all less styles

grunt less

Recompile all less files in app/less/ and create css files in app/css/.

Run unit tests

testacular testacular.js

Capture Chrome Canary, start watching all the source files and run unit tests on change.

Build package

grunt build pack

Create build/package-*.zip/ package, ready for uploading to Chrome Web Store.

Built With