Study notes for Pivotal Certified Spring Professional Certification - v 4.2
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Spring Core Certification Notes
Spring Core Certification.apkg

Spring Core Certification Notes

In Spring Core Certification Notes, there are my notes, which I created as a part of my preparation for the certification. Feel free to edit any inaccuracies, typos or mistakes and create a pull request for that.

Spring Core Certification Anki Flashcards

Spring Core Certification.apkg is a set of flashcards exported from Anki software . This file can be imported back to Anki and then used for practicing Spring Core certification related questions/answers. Note that Anki has also mobile version (iOS , Android), which can be used for learning on the go.

To start using Anki Spring Core Certification deck

  1. Download and install Anki Software
  2. Download the Spring Core Certification Deck
  3. Run Anki and import downloaded deck using File → Import

More Info

More info about the certification process can be found in this blog post.