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πŸ“œ Simple Html Dom Parser for PHP

A HTML DOM parser written in PHP - let you manipulate HTML in a very easy way! This is a fork of PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser project but instead of string manipulation we use DOMDocument and modern php classes like "Symfony CssSelector".

  • PHP 7.0+ & 8.0 Support
  • PHP-FIG Standard
  • Composer & PSR-4 support
  • PHPUnit testing via Travis CI
  • PHP-Quality testing via SensioLabsInsight
  • UTF-8 Support (more support via "voku/portable-utf8")
  • Invalid HTML Support (partly ...)
  • Find tags on an HTML page with selectors just like jQuery
  • Extract contents from HTML in a single line

Install via "composer require"

composer require voku/simple_html_dom
composer require voku/portable-utf8 # if you need e.g. UTF-8 fixed output

Quick Start

use voku\helper\HtmlDomParser;

require_once 'composer/autoload.php';

$dom = HtmlDomParser::str_get_html($str);
// or 
$dom = HtmlDomParser::file_get_html($file);

$element = $dom->findOne('#css-selector'); // "$element" === instance of "SimpleHtmlDomInterface"

$elements = $dom->findMulti('.css-selector'); // "$elements" === instance of SimpleHtmlDomNodeInterface<int, SimpleHtmlDomInterface>

$elementOrFalse = $dom->findOneOrFalse('#css-selector'); // "$elementOrFalse" === instance of "SimpleHtmlDomInterface" or false

$elementsOrFalse = $dom->findMultiOrFalse('.css-selector'); // "$elementsOrFalse" === instance of SimpleHtmlDomNodeInterface<int, SimpleHtmlDomInterface> or false




For support and donations please visit Github | Issues | PayPal | Patreon.

For status updates and release announcements please visit Releases | Twitter | Patreon.

For professional support please contact me.


  • Thanks to GitHub (Microsoft) for hosting the code and a good infrastructure including Issues-Managment, etc.
  • Thanks to IntelliJ as they make the best IDEs for PHP and they gave me an open source license for PhpStorm!
  • Thanks to Travis CI for being the most awesome, easiest continous integration tool out there!
  • Thanks to StyleCI for the simple but powerfull code style check.
  • Thanks to PHPStan && Psalm for relly great Static analysis tools and for discover bugs in the code!


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