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Recursive walk the files and dirs inside a given directory, and invokes callbacks. It is useful when processing, transforming or compiling multiple files.


walkSync(targets, options)

  • targets — path or array of paths to walk
  • options — object with fields
    • relative — path to dir with respect to which taken a relative path
    • depth — depth of walk
    • on_file – on file callback
    • on_dir — on dir callback

File or dir callback format:

function(path, context) {...}

  • path — absolute path to file or dir
  • context — helper object associated with this file, with methods and properties
    • relpath() — get relative path (respect to relative option or target path)
    • isDirectory() — check is directory
    • basename(withoutExt) — return base name with extansion by default, if withoutExt is true return base name without extension
    • extname() — return extension name
    • dirname() — return dir name
    • path — absolute path of file
    • stat — get file stats
    • base — get relative dir
    • subpath — path inside base dir (ex: path — /base/dir/some/file/path, base — /base/dir, subpath — some/file/path)


Syntax 1:

  walkSync(['/dir', '/dir2'], {
    relative: '../',
    on_file: function(path, context) {...},
    on_dir: function(path, context) {...}

Syntax 2:

    .set({relative: '../'})
    .on('file', function(path, context) {...})
    .on('dir', function(path, context) {...})
    .walk(['/dir', '/dir2']);
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