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* Copyright (c) 2012 Andrew Volkov <>
$ = {}
$ extends require 'fs'
$ extends require 'util'
$ extends require 'path'
hogan = require 'hogan.js'
cache = {}
ctx = {}
read = (path, options, fn) ->
str = cache[path]
return fn(null, str) if (options.cache and str)
$.readFile path, 'utf8', (err, str) ->
return fn(err) if (err)
# Remove potential UTF Byte Order Mark
str = str.replace(/^\uFEFF/, '')
cache[path] = str if (options.cache)
fn(null, str)
renderPartials = (partials, opt, fn) ->
count = 1
result = {}
for name, path of partials
continue unless typeof path is 'string'
path += ctx.ext unless $.extname(path)
path = ctx.lookup(path)
read path, opt, ((name, path) ->
return (err, str) ->
return unless count
if err
count = 0
result[name] = str
fn(null, result) unless --count
)(name, path)
fn(null, result) unless --count
renderLayout = (path, opt, fn) ->
return fn(null, false) unless path
path += ctx.ext unless $.extname(path)
path = ctx.lookup(path)
return fn(null, false) unless path
read path, opt, (err, str) ->
return fn(err) if (err)
fn(null, str)
customContent = (str, tag, opt, partials) ->
oTag = "{{##{tag}}}"
cTag = "{{/#{tag}}}"
text = str.substring(str.indexOf(oTag) + oTag.length, str.indexOf(cTag))
hogan.compile(text, opt).render(opt, partials)
render = (path, opt, fn) ->
ctx = this
partials = opt.settings.partials or {}
partials = partials extends opt.partials if opt.partials
lambdas = opt.settings.lambdas or {}
lambdas = lambdas extends opt.lambdas if opt.lambdas
# get rid of junk from "extends" - make it a normal object again
delete lambdas['prototype']
delete lambdas['__super__']
# create the lambdafied functions
# this way of dealing with lambdas assumes you'll want
# to call your function on the rendered content instead
# of the original template string
opt.lambdas = {}
for name, lambda of lambdas
do (name, lambda) ->
opt.lambdas[name] = ->
lcontext = @
return (text) ->
# getting the context right here is important
# it must account for "locals" and values in the current context
# ... particually interesting when applying within a list
lctx= {}
lctx = lctx extends opt._locals if opt._locals
lctx = lctx extends lcontext
return lambda(hogan.compile(text).render(lctx))
renderPartials partials, opt, (err, partials) ->
return fn(err) if (err)
layout = if opt.layout is undefined
layout = opt.layout
renderLayout layout, opt, (err, layout) ->
read path, opt, (err, str) ->
return fn(err) if (err)
tmpl = hogan.compile(str, opt)
result = tmpl.render(opt, partials)
customTags = str.match(/({{#yield-\w+}})/g)
yields = {}
if customTags
for customTag in customTags
tag = customTag.match(/{{#([\w-]+)}}/)[1]
if tag
if layout
opt[tag] = customContent(str, tag, opt, partials)
yields[tag.replace('yield-', '')] = customContent(str, tag, opt, partials)
if layout
opt.yield = result
tmpl = hogan.compile(layout, opt)
result = tmpl.render(opt, partials)
return fn(null, result)
return fn(null, result, yields)
catch err
module.exports = render
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