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Memory Samples

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This is a list of publicly available memory samples for testing purposes.

Description OS
Art of Memory Forensics Images Assorted Windows, Linux, and Mac
Mac OSX 10.8.3 x64 Mac Mountain Lion 10.8.3 x64
Jackcr's forensic challenge Windows XP x86 and Windows 2003 SP0 x86 (4 images)
GrrCon forensic challenge ISO (also see PDF questions) Windows XP x86
Malware Cookbook DVD Black Energy, CoreFlood, Laqma, Prolaco, Sality, Silent Banker, Tigger, Zeus, etc
Malware - Cridex Windows XP SP2 x86
Malware - Shylock Windows XP SP3 x86
Malware - R2D2 (pw: infected) Windows XP SP2 x86
Windows 7 x64 Windows 7 SP1 x64
NIST (5 samples) Windows XP SP2, 2003 SP0, and Vista Beta 2 (all x86)
Hogfly's skydrive (13 samples) Assorted (mostly Windows XP x86)
Moyix's Fuzzy Hidden Process Sample Windows XP SP3 x86
Honeynet Banking Troubles Image Windows XP SP2 x86
NPS 2009-M57 (~70 samples) Various XP / Vista x86
Dougee's comparison samples WIndows XP x86
DFRWS 2008 Forensic Challenge CentOS
Honeynet Compromised Server Challenge Linux Debian 2.6.26-26 x86
Pikeworks Linux Samples Linux CentOS and Ubuntu (x86/x64)
DFRWS 2011 Forensics Challenge Android
DFRWS 2012 Rodeo Android