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100644 14 lines (13 sloc) 100 Bytes
957470c @eliast Added .gitignore to ignore classes (Eclipse's build directory)
eliast authored
1 classes
3c73df5 @eliast Adding dist as well.
eliast authored
2 dist
67b6076 convenience for emacs users
Paul Lindner authored
3 *~
71acbce Initial import of the protocol buffers based admin protocol.
Alex Feinberg authored
4 *.iml
5 *.ipr
6 *.iws
7 *#
8 .#*
efc6f4f @bbansal Added new metadata keys to .gitignore
bbansal authored
10 rebalancing.slave.list
11 server.state
12 .version
68390d4 @bbansal Removed AdminClientOld2.
bbansal authored
13 .temp
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