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957470c Elias Torres Added .gitignore to ignore classes (Eclipse's build directory)
eliast authored
1 classes
3c73df5 Elias Torres Adding dist as well.
eliast authored
2 dist
67b6076 convenience for emacs users
Paul Lindner authored
3 *~
71acbce Initial import of the protocol buffers based admin protocol.
Alex Feinberg authored
4 *.iml
5 *.ipr
6 *.iws
7 *#
8 .#*
eff01b1 Karthik K ignore test-output from testng
akkumar authored
9 test-output
efc6f4f bbansal Added new metadata keys to .gitignore
bbansal authored
11 rebalancing.slave.list
12 server.state
13 .version
68390d4 bbansal Removed AdminClientOld2.
bbansal authored
14 .temp
608ad06 Alex Feinberg Add .idea directory to .gitignore
afeinberg authored
15 .idea
21ff934 Zoran Simic Removed 'test-view' from config/single_node_cluster as bin/voldemort-ser...
zsimic authored
16 data/
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