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Release 0.70.1 on 2/1/2010
Changes made since 0.70:
* Fixed issue 205: if no keys passed to getAll() were in partitions
undergoing rebalancing, proxyGetAll() would be called with an
empty list even if rebalancing wasn't happening
Release 0.70 on 1/27/2010
Changes made since 0.60.1:
* A beta of rebalancing (dynamic cluster expansion) support merged
into the main branch. See the project's wiki for more information:
* New failure detector merged into the main branch:
* Beta mechanism for restoring all of node's data from replicas on
demand. This is an alternative to a more gradual mechanism provided
by read-repair: useful when a machine is down for a prolonged period
and is then re-inserted into the cluster.
Invoked via JMX: the operation is restoreDataFromReplication in the
voldemort.server.VoldemortServer MBean, with a mandatory parameter
(integer >= 1) indicating the number of transfers to do in parallel.
* Simple gossip protocol (for cluster metadata) merged
into the main branch. Disabled by default: use "enable.gossip=true"
to enable, use "" to set an interval at which gossip
occurs (default: 30000 i.e., 30 seconds).
* Fixed issue 190: add a way of aggregating performance data over
all stores
* Fixed issue 181: stack trackes shouldn't be filled for Obsolete
version exception
Release 0.60.1 on 12/18/2009
Minor changes made since 0.60:
* Better logging in the exception thrown if config/.temp and
config/.version are copied
* Bumping up the version to 0.60.1 in order to release updated
archives, fixing an error in the stores.xml for single_node_cluster
sample config
Release 0.60 on 12/15/2009
Changes made since 0.57.1:
* Admin Client/Server API: adds support for streaming-based transfer
of entries between nodes, deleting entries on remote nodes,
remotely deleting and updating metadata
* EC2 testing: a way to periodically run integration and performance
tests which involve Voldemort instances on different machines
* Experimental support for views
* Interpolation search for read-only stores
* Support for large lists and strings in the JSON serializer
* LZF compression support
* Ruby client contributed
* Fixed issue 170: hanging if a port is used by another process
* Fixed issue 122: suspicious integer division in
* Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes for read-only stores
* Fixed issue 168: added StorageEngine.keys()
Release 0.57.1 on 11/27/2009
Minor change made since 0.57:
* Modified build.xml to exclude .git directory from release tarballs/zipfiles
Release 0.57 on 11/16/2009
The following changes were made since 0.56:
* Fixed an issue in ReadOnlyEngine's close() method
* Fixed hidden logging in StorageService
* Fix for issue 163 (lock mode during get)
* Exposed bdb environment stats with setFast(false)
Release 0.56 on 10/26/2009
The following changes were made since 0.55:
* Fix for issue 164: Changed default bdb.max.logfile.size to 60MB
* Make file deletes asynchronous in read only store swap
* Added better debug logs for bdb stats
* Fixed race condition in AbstractSocketPoolTest
* Added improved monitoring for bdb stats
* Added backoff and retry logic in bootstrap code
* Not logging obosleteVersionException(s) or counting it in JMX exception count
* Fixed issue 159
* C++ client building on OS X
* Rely only on the number of versions returned to decide whether to retrieve
the value for put(K,V)
* Implemented issue 152: getVersion() API in Store
Release 0.55 on 10/7/2009
The following changes were made since 0.52 (in summary):
* Add an event throttler
* Added DataCleanupJob
* Protocol buffers at version 2.2.0
* BDB JE upgraded to 3.3.87
* Added data compression support (enable by adding
to value-serializer or key-serializer sections in stores.xml)
* Added a resource pool/socket pool implementation (no longer using
* Added server-side NIO support (enabled by setting
* Improved the efficiency of the protocol buffers network protocol by using
CodedOutputStream/CodedInputStream (zero copy transfers)
* Fix for issue #21: incorrectness in vector clock inconsistency resolver
* Upgrade google-collections
* Support for building read only stores in Hadoop
* Added a C++ client
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