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Here are a few technically interesting projects that are stand-alone enough
that someone can do them without having to learn the rest of the code
1. Merkle tree log
We want to be able to quickly compare the contents of two key-value stores so we can replicate values when (1) a new server comes online or (2) a server is down
for an extended period of time or (3) we batch compute values offline. A merkle tree is an n-way tree of values where the
value stored at the leaf is the checksum of a value in the datastore, and parent nodes contain the checksum of all checksums.
This makes it possible to determine that two stores are identical (and computing the differing keys) in only a logarithmic number of comparisons.
2. Future-based client
Create a storeclient or store implementation that returns Versioned<?> objects that behave as a java.util.concurrent.Future. That is, the methods return immediately
but the returned Versioned<?> may block when getObject() or getVersion() is called until the computation is complete. This makes it
easy to do many parallel fetches without the client needing to do any of the threadpooling. Can this be done using the existing threadpool?
3. Non-blocking server & RoutingStore
Investigate the possibility of using java.nio for the SocketServer to potentially reduce the number of threads needed. This probably requires doing both
the router and the server at the same time. Probably a threadsafe state machine needs to be created for each request and incremented as responses come back
in. This probably won't make the network operations faster but will reduce the overhead of the threading involved in routing and bound the number of threads needed.
Apache Mina may be helpful in doing this.
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