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import sys
import random
import argparse
# Get a random seed
rseed = int(random.randint(00000000001,99999999999))
# Setup and argument parser
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Build a voldemort cluster.xml.')
# Add supported arguments
parser.add_argument('-N', '--name', type=str, default='voldemort', dest='name',
help='the name you want to give the cluster')
parser.add_argument('-n', '--nodes', type=int, default=2, dest='nodes',
help='the number of nodes in the cluster')
parser.add_argument('-p', '--partitions', type=int, default=300,
dest='partitions', help='number of partitions per node')
parser.add_argument('-s', '--socket-port', type=int, default=6666,
dest='sock_port', help='socket port number')
parser.add_argument('-a', '--admin-port', type=int, default=6667,
dest='admin_port', help='admin port number')
parser.add_argument('-H', '--http-port', type=int, default=6665,
dest='http_port', help='http port number')
genType = parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group()
genType.add_argument('-S', '--seed', type=int, default=rseed, dest='seed',
help='seed for randomizing partition distribution')
genType.add_argument('-l', '--loops', type=int, default=1000, dest='loops',
help='loop n times, using a different random seed every \
time (Note: not currently supported)')
parser.add_argument('-z', '--zones', type=int, dest='zones',
help='if using zones, the number of zones you will have\
(Note: you must add your own <zone> fields \
# Parse arguments
args = parser.parse_args()
# Check args
if args.zones:
zones = args.zones
if (args.nodes % zones) != 0:
print "Number of nodes must be evenly divisible by number of zones"
# Store arguments
nodes = args.nodes
partitions = args.partitions
name =
http_port = args.http_port
sock_port = args.sock_port
admin_port = args.admin_port
seed = args.seed
# Generate the full list of partition IDs
part_ids = range(nodes * partitions)
# Generate full list of zone IDs
if args.zones:
zone_ids = range(zones)
zone_id = 0
# Shuffle up the partitions
# Printing cluster.xml
print "<!-- Partition distribution generated using seed [%d] -->" % seed
print "<cluster>"
print " <name>%s</name>" % name
for i in xrange(nodes):
node_partitions = ", ".join(str(p) for p in sorted(part_ids[i*partitions:(i+1)*partitions]))
print " <server>"
print " <id>%d</id>" % i
print " <host>host%d</host>" % i
print " <http-port>%d</http-port>" % http_port
print " <socket-port>%d</socket-port>" % sock_port
print " <admin-port>%d</admin-port>" % admin_port
print " <partitions>%s</partitions>" % node_partitions
# If zones are being used, assign a zone-id
if args.zones:
print " <zone-id>%d</zone-id>" % zone_id
if zone_id == (zones - 1):
zone_id = 0
zone_id += 1
print " </server>"
print "</cluster>"
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