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Release 0.60 on 12/15/2009
-* Admin Client/Server API: adds support for streaming key/value
- entries, retrieving metadata.
+Changes made since 0.57.1:
+* Admin Client/Server API: adds support for streaming-based transfer
+ of entries between nodes, deleting entries on remote nodes,
+ remotely deleting and updating metadata
* EC2 testing: a way to periodically run integration and performance
tests which involve Voldemort instances on different machines
* Experimental support for views
* Interpolation search for read-only stores
* Support for large lists and strings in the JSON serializer
-* LZF compression support:
+* LZF compression support
* Ruby client contributed
* Fixed issue 170: hanging if a port is used by another process
* Fixed issue 122: suspicious integer division in
-* Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes for read only stores
+* Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes for read-only stores
* Fixed issue 168: added StorageEngine.keys()
Release 0.57.1 on 11/27/2009

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