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…p and client-registry addons
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## Release
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-Release 0.96 on 09/05/2012
-Changes made since 0.90.1
- * Monitoring:
- * Append cluster name to various mbeans for better stats display
- * Implement average throughput in bytes
- * Add BDB JE stats
- * Add 95th and 99th latency tracking
- * Add stats for ClientRequestExecutorPool
- * Add error/exception count and max getall count
- * BDB+ Data cleanup Monitoring changes
- * Rebalancing:
- * Donor-based rebalancing and post cleanup (see for more details)
- * Rebalancing integration testing framework (under test/integration/voldemort/rebalance/)
- * Generate multiple cluster.xml files based on the number specified when running the tool and choose the cluster with the smallest std dev as the final-cluster.xml
- * Add status output to log for updateEntries (used by rebalancing)
- * Read-only pipeline:
- * Add hftp and webhdfs support
- * Read-only bandwidth dynamic throttler
- * Add minimum throttle limit per store
- * Add rollback capability to the Admin tool
- * Voldemort-backed stack and index linked list impl
- * Change client requests to not process responses after timeout
- * Modified client request executor timeout to not factor in the NIO selector timeout
- * Added BDB native backup capabalities, checksum verification and incremental backups (well tested, but not yet used in production)
- * Add additional client-side tracing for debugging and consistency analytics
- * Clean up logging during exception at client-side
- * Security exception handling
- * Add snappy to CompressionStrategyFactory
- * Add configurable option to interrupt service being unscheduled
- * Add logging support for tracking ScanPermit owners (for debugging purposes)
- * Add a jmx terminate operation for async jobs
- * Add zone option for restore from replicas
- * Changing the enable.nio.connector to true by default
- * Better disconnection handling for python client
- * Split junit tests into a long and a short test suites
- * Add separate timeouts for different operations (put, get, delete, and getAll
- * Allow getAll to return partial results upon timeout
- * Improved cluster generation tool
- * Added log4j properties folder for junit test
- * Bug fixes:
- * httpclient 3.x to httpclient 4.x
- * Fix NPE in listing read-only store versions
- * Fixed 2 failure detector bugs during rebalancing or node swapping
- * Fixed a thread leak issue in StreamingSlopPusher
- * Fixed a NIO bug
- * Fixed a bug in TimeBasedInconsistency resolver.
- * Fixed race condition in client socket close
- * Fixed a potential deadlock issue in ScanPermitWrapper
- * Fixed a bug where a read returns null (on rare occations) when being concurrent with a write
- * Fixed a performance bug in HdfsFetcher when hftp is used
+Release 0.96.li7 (LinkedIn release) on 09/21/2012
+Changes made since 0.96.li6
+* Added server side system stores for managing metadata
+* Added system store client for interacting with System Stores
+* Added a new routing strategy to route to all with local preference
+* Added a auto-bootstrap mechanism triggered by metadata changes
+* Added a client-registry for publishing client info and config values
+* Added a new Voldemort client : ZenStoreClient to work with the system stores
+* Enhanced Admin tool to work with the new system stores
+* Updated LazyClientStore to try to bootstrap during Init
+* Modified Failure Detector to work on a shared cluster object reference
+* New tests for testing the auto-bootstrap and system store functionality
+Release 0.96.li6 (LinkedIn release) on 09/19/2012
+Changes made since 0.96.li5
+* Changed getall return behavior to comply with javadoc
+Release 0.96.li5 (LinkedIn release) on 09/06/2012
+Changes made since 0.96.li2
+* Added server config to control socket backlog
+* Added "--query-keys" option to query multiple keys of multiple stores from specific node
+* Added control to DataCleanupJob Frequency
+* Improved messages in request tracing
+* Cleaned up help/usage messages within the client shell
+* Unified jmxid as the factory across the board
+* Fixed a bug that caused unnecessary serial requests in getall
+* Fixed a bug that prevented "--fetch-keys" and "--fetch-entries" in admin tool from showing multiple store results
+* Fixed problem in sample config that prevented the server from starting
+* Fixed random rebalance test failures
+Release 0.96.li2 (LinkedIn release) on 08/01/2012
+Changes made since 0.96.li1
+* HFTP performance issue bug fix (fix in byte buffer and copy process)
+* Added mechanism to isolate BDB cache usage among stores
+* Enhanced debug logging (for traffic analysis).
+* Python client bug fixes (from pull request)
+* Tooling improvement (
+Release 0.96.li1 (LinkedIn release) on 07/12/2012
+Changes made since 0.95.li9
+* Reuploaded the jar
+Changes made since 0.95.li4
+* Added configurable option to interrupt service being unscheduled
+* Added rollback capability to the Admin tool
+* Added tracking functionality for scan permit owner
+* Added zoned option for restore from replicas
+* Enabled NIO connector by default
+* Added client side MBeans for multiple socket pool metrics
+* Shortened some long tests and created new target called "junit-long" that
+* includes them
+* Finer timeouts and partial getalls
+* Refactored to share VodemortOpCode between classes
+* Fixed a donor-based rebalancing bug and added a unit test
+* Fixed a bug that will return null during concurrent read and writes
+* Added jmxId to Mbean name for failureDetector and storefactory
+* Prevent preferred reads from crossing zones
+* Added additional debug messages
+Release 0.95.li4 (LinkedIn release) on 04/13/2012
+Changes made since 0.95.li3
+* Added error count Mbeans
+* Concurrency bug fix in Donor based rebalancing
+Release 0.95.li3 (LinkedIn release) on 03/22/2012
+Changes made since 0.95.li2
+ * HOTFIX - DDS-2536: Fixed FailureDetector to handle host swap
+Release 0.95.li2 (LinkedIn release) on 03/21/2012
+Changes made since 0.95.li1
+ * Hot fix for SNA-10109. Replaced exception by log message in Histogram
+ * Replaced int by long to avoid overflow in Histogram and RequestCounter
+Release 0.95.li1 (LinkedIn release) on 03/07/2012
+Release 0.90.1 on 10/10/2011
Changes made since 0.90

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