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Commits on Dec 4, 2009
  1. @kirktrue @afeinberg

    Removed syspropertyset passage of properties in the ec2testing-junit …

    kirktrue committed with afeinberg
    …Ant task. Also allowing overrides of the properties from the EC2 properties file via system properties
  2. @kirktrue @afeinberg
  3. @kirktrue @afeinberg

    Work to add JUnit test target for EC2, catch the error 143 exit code (h…

    kirktrue committed with afeinberg
    …ttp://, allowing suppressing of error messages on cluster shut down, and renaming SmokeTest to Ec2SmokeTest (for pattern matching in the unit test Ant task).
Commits on Oct 23, 2009
  1. @kirktrue

    Fixed build problem.

    kirktrue committed
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