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Commits on Jun 28, 2013
  1. @vinothchandar
  2. @jayjwylie
  3. @jayjwylie

    Adding BaseStoreRoutingPlan.

    jayjwylie committed
  4. @jayjwylie
  5. @jayjwylie

    Addressed review feedback on rebalance scheduler

    jayjwylie committed
    - Changed default parallelism to "infinite" since scheduler throttles parallelism
    - Added TODOs for cleanup of scheduler
    - Added javadoc to document scheduler and its methods
    - Catch exceptions, log them, re-throw as VoldemmortRebalancingException
    A ton of white space changes due to futzing with eclipse code formatter preferences. Sorry.
  6. @jayjwylie

    Tweak new rebalance scheduler

    jayjwylie committed
    Randomized the order of rebalance tasks in each stealer's list. This
    will avoid biasing the rebalance based on the order tasks were
  7. @jayjwylie

    Initial hack at new rebalance scheduler.

    jayjwylie committed
    Added RebalanceController.scheduler
    - limits each node to participating in a single task as either a stealer or donor.
    - randomizes the order in which tasks are attempted to be scheduled
    - not a clean implementation, but enough to evaluate.
  8. @jayjwylie

    Tweaks to PartitionBalance and RebalancePlan

    jayjwylie committed
    - calculate partition-stores per zone.
    - This measure provides more context to evaluate the size of any plans to rebalance the cluster.
    - fix typo in verbose usage message
Commits on Jun 24, 2013
  1. @zhongjiewu

    bug fixes in coordinator

    zhongjiewu committed
Commits on Jun 21, 2013
  1. Bump release version

  2. @singhsiddharth
  3. Fix comments and typos

Commits on Jun 20, 2013
  1. @jayjwylie

    Fix RebalanceUtils.getLatestCluster.

    jayjwylie committed
    - changed getLatestCluster to examine contents of cluster.xml on different nodes rather than timestamps since timestamps are incomparable across servers.
    - added a specific rebalance test that goes from current -> shuffle and then shuffle -> current. This confirms that rebalance can be invoked repeated times (if need be).
  2. @abh1nay @jayjwylie
  3. @abh1nay @jayjwylie
  4. @vinothchandar @jayjwylie
  5. @abh1nay @jayjwylie

    Addressed code review comments

    abh1nay committed with jayjwylie
    added more assertions
    check for getZoneNary and getNodeIdForZoneNary  in zone 1 and 2
    Added a test for method 'storeRoutingPlan.zoneNAryExists()
  6. @abh1nay @jayjwylie

    Test for 3 zones

    abh1nay committed with jayjwylie
  7. @jayjwylie
  8. @jayjwylie

    Move rebalance scripts to bin directory

    committed with jayjwylie
    Moving the script from top level to the bin directory
  9. @jayjwylie

    Copy final cluster xml file to output dir

    committed with jayjwylie
    When the final cluster.xml is generated it is placed in
    outputdir/step3 folder. Copy it to outputdir as well.
  10. @jayjwylie
  11. @jayjwylie

    Address code review comments

    committed with jayjwylie
  12. @jayjwylie
  13. @jayjwylie

    Add an option for choosing zone id for shuffle

    committed with jayjwylie
    Add a new option that lets the user choose if they want the
    shuffle to operate only on one of the zone ids.
  14. @jayjwylie

    Add zone expansion script

    committed with jayjwylie
  15. @jayjwylie
  16. @jayjwylie

    Print the utility value

    committed with jayjwylie
  17. @jayjwylie
  18. @jayjwylie
  19. @jayjwylie
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