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Admin tool enhancements #159

merged 9 commits into from Feb 13, 2014

3 participants

suletm commented Feb 6, 2014
  • created a new branch for admin tool enhacements
  • added interactive support for set-metadata (stores and cluster types only for now)
  • added --auto argument for those who want to skip interactive prompts.

Possibly rename this to "auto-update-metadata" to be more descriptive?

I wanted to make this a general argument that can be used for any other critical operation, not only for auto-update-metadata. Basically, this argument will make sure that ALL interactive prompts are disabled (useful for scripting).

In future, anyone who wants to add interactive prompts and/or batch mode to their operation, this argument can be used.

Does it make sense to you now ?


yes , in the case, can you leave a comment describing the intent to support more operations around this in the future?

Added a comment to the newest pull request


to improve readability, do you want to switch the order of the if and else blocks.. ?

 if (auto) { 
    then execute... 
} else { 


fixed in the latest pull request


Can you rename this method to something like 'confirmMetadataUpdate' to improve readability?

yeah, makes sense

fixed in the latest pull request


Tofig, any updates on this?


Chinmay had added a method which had introduced a bug in Tofig's code. He fixed it and was running Hudson job to make sure everything else is ok.

@vinothchandar vinothchandar merged commit 804249d into voldemort:master Feb 13, 2014
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