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Stack and PagedLinkedList library #52

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Two Collections useful for iterating across items

  • VStack - Linked list stack implementation on top of voldemort. Nodes within the stack are identified by their id. Only adding and setting nodes are allowed. Removing is unsupported due to possible stack corruption.
  • VLinkedPagedList - keeps track of a value in relation to its position in a sorted key. Items are placed in the LinkedPagedList in descending order. New elements are added to the front of the list.

Summarizing the discussions during the code review of this pull request :

-- The data structure requires a strict quorum to be eventually consistent.
-- Without a quorum, a custom conflict resolver may be required to merge the diverging stacks, in the face of failures.

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Commits on Sep 16, 2011
  1. Initial commit for Voldemort backed stack (VStack) and indexed linked…

    Jason Ko authored
    … list (VLinkedPagedList)
  2. formatting cleanup

    Jason Ko authored
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